Hello! Welcome to "Among the Stars", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Fllay Allster , a character from the series "Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED" (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED), created by Sunrise!

Fllay is my favorite characters from the series, she represents a real person more than any other~ She hates Coordinators and the war, and also, she's easy to manipulate the others, but it's because she is always searching for something she can't find: happiness. Because of the war, she's constricted to see her friends diyng, and her dreams ruined.
With the development of the story she's understands her mistakes about her hate for the others and she tries to change the world by herself, but, unluckily, she's not that lucky... and her sad life ends too soon.

This fanlisting was originally ran by the cute Ciqui, and after her, the kind Liz, that let me adopt it in January 2012~ Thank you very much, Liz!! I'll take care of it forever!!

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