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Hi! Welcome to "Exile of the Fallen Angel", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Sytry (also known as Sitri) , a character from the series Makai Ouji: devils and realist (better known as Hell Prince: devils and realist), created and illustrated by the talented Takadono Madoka and Yukihiro Utako!

Sytry is a demon, and his goal is persuading William to choose him as successor of Lucifer, becoming the king of Hell.
In order to stay close to William, Sytry decides to become his schoolmate, and, living as Sytry Cartwright (his human identity), he conduces a chaotic normal school life together with Dantalion, Kamio and him.

He's known as the 12th demon in Hell's Hierarchy and his rank is Prince, but unlike Dantalion, that became a demon killing humans (so, Dantalion is called Nephilim), he was a fallen angel.
He loves sweets and cookies. His appetite is infinite, and because of this, William considers him a sort of Candy Maniac. XD

Truly, this boy is hilarious and I adore his immense ego, that always makes his scenes rich of humor!

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