Hi! Welcome to "The best side of my heart", the TFL approved fanlisting for Draco & Narcissa Malfoy , two marvelous characters from the series Harry Potter, wrote by the incredible Joanne Kathleen Rowling!

Narcissa and Draco are mother and son and their relation is a continue development, because reading book by book we find the reasons of Narcissas's heart, her devotion for Voldemort and the goals that Draco desires to reach, but the most important thing is that he's the one that Narcissa considers more important than her life, more than the husband, and surely, more than Voldemort.

Narcissa is a pure-blood magician but before it she's a wife and a mother, and she loves Draco with all her heart, sacrifing everything for the beloved son in every sistuation. Draco respects her very much. Even if they're two of the "evil characters" fof the series, reading about them is a pleasure for the heart, because Malfoy's family isn't just the dark side of the full blood, but the development of the pure feelings of the heart.
No one is totally evil or totally good, this is what we can unserstand reading their story.

This fanlisting was previously owned by the sweet Mitzie, that let me adopted it in October 2009! A big hug to her and my best thank to realized the dream to let me be the owner of the lovely relation between Narcissa and Draco! Unluckily, I can't find decent images of them, so I made this fan-art in order to do a warm graphic, like the feelings I feel thinking of them. :)

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