Hello! Welcome to "Miraculous Remedy", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Dorothy , a heroine from the series MÄR (also known as Märchen Awakens Romance or MÄR Heaven), created and illustrated by the talented Anzai Nobuyuki!

Dorothy is my favorite character since always, and my nickname comes from her!
She's a witch from the realm of Kaldea, the kind of person that never gives up, and that tries to do her best in every kind of situation, whatever it takes. Her strong power and her capacity to leave her feelings out of the battles are the reasons why she always wins her matchs, showing no mercy for her opponents.
But Dorothy is also a kind person, and she can take care of the beloves ones, esecially Ginta, that she likes from the bottom of the heart~

Dorothy from the manga and Dorothy from the anime have a lot of differences, and not only about the behaviour. In the manga we can understand better how cruel she is, because she's ready to put all herself in order to obtain what she wants, In the anime she's not that fierce, and that's better shown in the final battle against Queen.

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