Hello! Welcome to "Speial Days from my diary", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to the relation between Hungary (Elizabeta Héderváry) and Prussia (Gilbert Weillschmidt), two of the most funny and adorable characters from the series Hetalia: Axis Powers, created by the genial Himaruya Hidekazu and animated by the famous Studio DEEN.

Hungary and Prussia are my favorite characters and couple from Hetalia and I feel so proud, happy, and lucky to have the chance to own their fanlsiting.
I adore their relationship the most and I consider them adorable as rivals and lovers (in my prayers). The circumstances they met are so sweet and their relation grew up day by day since their childhood, when Prussia thought of Hungary as a boy. XD
One of Elizabeta's favorite thing is pressing her pan in Gilbert's face because he always try to make problems between Austria and her, but, truly... aren't this moment the most adorable for them? They're so close.

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