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    You reached Hope against Despair, the fanlisting dedicated to the series Danganronpa Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei!

    I ADORE THIS SERIES! *O* I started it playing the game and I fell in love with it. It is a mix of mystery and a lot of interesting interpersonal relationships and an amazing story. I couldn't hope for something more than this. I was happy enough to find out that there was already a manga of the series. It is slightly different from the original story, but the sense is that. Instead, reading it, there were a lot of new informations about each character! And it is almost the same for the new manga that started some months ago though it follows more the anime series~
    Since I'm a person that is always in search for something, I kinda love this stories and I appreciate a lot when the characters' personalities are examined in depth. Actually, I adore the most of the ones of this series, in particular, the girls are all very characteristic and they all have a perfect and deep background in their back. It is almost the same for the boys, though it is a bit different... and I was astonished from the fact that everything was settled in order to make us understand the truth at the perfect moment. The persons who ideated the story are genius to me. I really think they're all masterminds and made everything in order that at the end the whole story could have a proper meaning and it was like a puzzle: once you start to wedge in the pieces, it will be clear, everything will be clear! *w* I'm seeing that the anime adaptation is a lot faithful to the main story, and I hope it will continue like this. The music, the locations, the voice actors, I really couldn't think of something better for all of them and for a good success of the series. Maybe if the blood was red, it would be more realistic... but the executions and the way the characters die are awesome (and at times they're funny too... XD) And aww Monokuma is too cute!! *_____*

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