Hello! Welcome to "Le charme de la loi", the TAFL, TFL and TAL approved fanlisting dedicated to Mitsurugi Reiji (better known as Miles Edgeworth), the cold, charming and smart prosecutor from the game, manga, musical and film Gyakuten Saiban (or Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) and Gyakuten Kenji (Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth).

Miles is my favorite character since always.
He's the kind of man that needs to show to himself before the others that which he considers the most important thing: "the truth".
He's a stubborn and dogged man with a complicated personality. A person that has his own way to believe in justice and to let it prevail.
He decided to become a prosecutor since his childhood, to follow the steps of his father, and facing his rival, Phoenix, he has the chance to change his vision of the world. Also, he has the chance to change an important side of himself, learning from him that believe in the others is important for believing in ourself.

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