Hi! Welcome to "Mirror of the Heart", the TFL approved fanlisting for Beauty one of the most interesting and studied concept that rules the world.

Beauty is part of our life, we're surrounded by it but many times we don't take notice of what really beauty is.
This conception is absolutely subjective, and there's not a real, universal meaning for it, because there are a lot of kinds of beauty and we are the ones that decide what the eyes of the body and the eyes of the heart want to see.
Beauty it's not just the one of physical appearance but of nature, of animals, of feelings, of moments, of dreams, of heart.
We are all beauty and I think that it's the most important part of our soul, so I decided to call this fanlisting "Mirror of the Heart" because of it. Because there's nothing better than a mirror of ourself to explain how really beauty we, and this world, are.

This fanlisting was originally runned by Nancy, and after her Elise and the kind Michi, that let me adopt it in march 2010!
A millions of thanks Michi!! I promise to take care of Beauty forever!

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