Hello! Welcome to "True Love Thorns Become Roses", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to the relationship between Slaine Troyard and Asseylum Vers Allusia, the best characters from the series Aldnoah.Zero, created and developed by Olympus Knights and animated by Studio A-1 Pictures and Troyca!

Asseylum and Slaine are the reason why this series does exist.

They developed a close and intense relationship since the time she saved his life. That is the starting point of everything.
Slaine's devotion towards Asseylum is what took him to sacrifice himself fo her sake, but she never understood his feelings. She considers him a friend, but I think she never thought about her real feelings. In fact, she kept the pendant he gave her as present, and she treats it like a treasure. That's a shame that in the last episode everything turn out like a tragedy... and I wonder if now Slaine is still mentally sane (if he ever been). These two are made to be together and even if the worst could happen. That's the reason why Slaine suffered the hell in order to save her and to preserve her life. And that's why she always says that the world she knows is a world saw with Slaine's eyes. Because he taught her which kind of world is the Earth, and she loved it so much that she desired to visit that planet herself.
And not only because she wanted to see with her eyes what Slaine said, but because she wanted to see the place of his born.

So the story begins.

Since Slaine is human and Asseylum is a martian, the fact that they are the example of a splendid relation between two different races is so sweet. As the fact that they're complementary. Also, Slaine always shows his sweet side when he's with Asseylum (in different ways, he shows only the yandere ones), and I can safely say that he can feel complete only if she's with him, because Asseylum is the reason why he fights, he feels alive and he tries to not lose himself. At the same time... she's the reason why he's alive, because she saved his life years ago, and that's the reason why Slaine's life is devoted to her.
I do love so much how deep are their feelings, and I'd love with all the heart to see and happy ending for them!

Thanks to the kind Miriallia for helping me finding a suitable name for this site!
It's a first time in years I can't find nothing I very like in my head, so here it comes her suggestion... that perfectly expressess what I want to mean~

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