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    I read this manga in English, French, Italian and Japanese, I was too curious to go on and find out what was happening in this series! *---* Since the very begin, I found the most of the characters interesting, the ones of which I was a bit uncertain, developped a very nice story and background~ Then, I stopped myself and thought "Omg, this series has not a fanlisting!" so I decided to apply for it, because I think that this really deserves a place like a fanlisting! And many other characters would need one! T^T Luckily the one dedicated to Alice is already there since a lot of time! If you're not sure to apply, please, do it! X°

    If you are a fan of this amazing series, please, don't hesitate to join! *-*




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May 02, 2011: The fanlisting is ready~




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