Hi! Welcome to "Dream of Love", the TAFL approved fanlisting for Anzu , a crazy, lunatic, sweet and absolutely adorable character from the series Number, created and illustrated by the great Kawori Tsubaki!

Anzu is the N. IX of Thanatos, an organization of professional killers that carries out murder requests. The best ten killers are called "Numbers", and the N.I is the most powerful killer of Thanatos. Who reaches that position for a certain period will be able to reach the top of Ygddrasil, the tree of life that predomines the universe, and to make a wish come true.

Anzu's desire is to be loved from Tekirai, because he's totally in love with him but he had never considerated him, if not just like anyone else.
Yes, even if he seems a cute, little girl, Anzu is a boy, that affirms that he's always been a girl in the bottom of his heart.
He hates Toneriko because he wants to kill Tekirai and because he killed another member of Thanatos that he loved so much,
He's totally lunatic and proud. We can see Anzu smiling thinking of Tekirai and acting like a kind girl, and after a moment, like a cold assassin. But, we can see, he's absolutely cute!

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