Hello! Welcome to "People are Mirrors", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Zeno , an adorable and cheerful character from the series Akatsuki no Yona, created and illustrated by the brilliant Kusanagi Mizuho!

Zeno is the dragon warrior called Ouryuu. Even is he looks like a 17-years-old cheerful boy, he is 2000+years-old. In fact, he is an immortal. And his incredible regeneration saves him from any kind of deaths, even decapitation.
He looks like the youngest member among Yona-hime's comrades, but he is the oldest one, because he is the orginal Ouryuu and not the reincaration, as Ki-Ja, Shin-Ah and Jae-Ha are of their respective old self in past lives.
He always has a smile on his face and he is the kind of person that never lose his hopes. At the countrary, he is an important balancing point for the team.

Zeno's past is very tragic. Even if the yellow dragon chose him as his vessel, he suffered so much because of his immortality and for his wife's loss. He leaned from her to speak in third person in order to remember his own name, because he was about losing himself more and more times in past.

I love Zeno so much. I always feel a bitter/sweet feeling when I think about him and I think he has always been my favorite one. I have to admit that I do love a lot of characters so much, but Zeno is the only special one to me, he has all my love and support. So I am very happy to be here to make a site for him!

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