You reached Rise against the Heaven, the fanlisting dedicated to Nakamura Yuri, the main character of nanime Angel Beats!!  

    Yurippe is indeed the character that hit the most my feelings! Her personality could seem simple to understand, but it is not like this: in fact this is one of the things I prefer from her personality that is autocratic and fighting. Even if her life was a real tragedy, she menaged to go on, because she wants to help the others that are in her same situation, becoming their leader!

    I feel so lucky for being approved for her fanlisting that I'm still incredulous! *--* Thank you TAFL!

    If you're a fan of her, please, consider to join the fanlisting!! :D




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June 05, 2011: The fanlisting reached 25 members!! Thank you!! *--*
June 26, 2010:
The fanlisting is up! ❤❤

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