Hello! Welcome to " A smile that means Death ", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to the lovely Gasai Yuno , the sweet and insane heroine of the series Mirai Nikki (even known as Future Diary), created and illustrated by the talented Esuno Sakae !

Yuno is a lovely and sweet girl-in-love that decides to protect her beloved Yukki (that represents her reason to live) with all herself and with any kind of method, whatever it takes~
Between the candidates to become God she's ranked as n.2 and she's the owner of the Diary of Stalking Love. Looking at it she always know where Yukki is, and what he's doing.
Yuno is ready to kill who tries to hurt him (or who she considers as "dangerous"), no matter how complicated will be the plan she'll need to work out.

I'm in love with this adorable yandere and I consider her one of the best characters of the last years~ Her love-story is awesome, and reading this manga we can see a wonderful, original and riveting demonstration of love, as well as an incredible strength of will!

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