Hello! Welcome to " your Stone of Happiness warmed up my heart ", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Saiga Yahiro , a charming, smart and enigmatic character from the series S · A: Special A, created and illustrated by the great Maki Minami !

Yahiro is one of the most complicated characters of the series, because he shows to the others the evil and stonger part of him, but he hides the weakest and gentle one of his heart, trying to appear like a person that hasn't good feelings for the others.
Truly he's sensitive and rationalist, but his obstinancy to don't want to suffer because of the others always stops him to have real friends.
In past he had feelings for Akira, but with the development of the story the understands that she'll never have feelings of love for him. Day by day he'll find his own way looking at another person, and supporting Megumi and her desire to sing, he find a person ables to feel something deep for him.

This fanlisting was originally owned by the kind Hazel, that let me adop it in January 2011. Thank you very much, dear, I'm so happy and honored to take care of Yahiro's fanlsiting!

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