Hello! Welcome to "There's no Fate without Will", the TAFL and the TFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Ato Touji , a hero from the series Tokyo Ravens, written by Azano Kohei and illustrated by Sumihei!

Touji is a smart and crafty boy always ready to make things ironic. He's the kind of character that always has a good or bad word for everyone, and because of this, sometimes he can appear like a harsh person. But he truly is a wonderful friend and a person that is searching for redemption, because of what he was in past.

In fact, Touji is the one that more than any others can't forgive himself instead of the others, because even if he appear like a cold and quiet person, he's easy to lose control as to help friends, whatever it could take.

His tragic past made him silent about himself, and his nature of oni is what he needs to accept before trying to change his way to see the world, and his own place into it and together with his friends.

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