You reached It's a wonderful Life, the fanlisting dedicated to Sakagami Tomoyo, a character of the videogame, anime & manga CLANNAD and Tomoyo After: It's a Wonderful Life.

I'm really happy to own this fanlisting, because after watching CLANNAD, episode by episode, I started to love this fantastic character! If you want to know her as she really is, you have to watch all the series, and find out all the shadings of her personality (though she seems very serious, she's one of the funniest characters, especially when she kicks Sunohara XD). So, so, I want to thank TAFL's staff for granted this big wish! *-* Thank you!!

If you're a fan of her, as I am, please, consider to join the fanlisting! (^-^)/




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Tomoya & Nagisa Kuwashima Houko


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