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Tokito (??) is known as the son of Muramasa, but he hates his father, whom he regards as a traitor. He is able to determine the destiny of people using tarot cards and the candles of fate. Immature and cruel, he enjoys the misfortune of others. In spite of his youth, he seems very strong, as he can stop Bontenmaru's Kosoga with only three fingers. He also has the last Muramasa, Hokuto Shichisei, which is a twin sword. In truth, Tokito is a girl who grew up playing off as a boy. She is the daughter of Fubuki and Hitoki, and is Muramasa's niece. She's childish and hot-tempered, but has a big heart and when she fights Akira and at the end is in love with him.

Tokito's Imperial Guards
- Spade
Spade is the head of the Cards and the Imperial Guards of Tokito. He makes a short appearance and we don't know much about him, aside from that he seems to know his Master well, such as his weaknesses. Spade is certain that he is stronger than the other Cards. Later, we learn than he died, probably killed by Chinmei, who took his place.

- Club, Diamond and Heart
The Cards and the Imperial Guards of Tokito. They are able to speak with their swords. During their first battle with Shinrei, they won easily, but during their second battle with him, Shinrei killed them all in one blow.