Hello! Welcome to "Will of Redemption", the TAFL and the TFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Mayuzumi Takumu , an amazing character from the series Accel World, written by the great Kuwahara Reki and illustrated by the talented HiMA!

Taku is my favorite character from the series, but I have to admit that my love for him has born after the revelation of his real personality.
Initially, he seemed to be quiet and smart boy, the kind of person that has success with girls because of his (appearently) perfection. Brilliant with study and kendo, I thought he was an example of correct boy, but... the truth is that he's the totally opposite~

Taku is a Burst Link user like Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime, and his nickname into the game is Cyan Pile. His continuously efforts to challenge Black Lotus lead him to face Haruyuki in a fight in which he showed his real personality. Cinic, avenger and calculator, Taku fighted him with all himself, because he wanted to prove that he would be better than Haruyuki not just in the real life, but in the Accel World too.
Haruyuki defeats him and his pride, suggesting to his best friend to be his partner and to fight together with him.

After this moment, Taku really has a changement, and I fell in love with him~
He continues to be a proud and cinic person but now he's really royal, and not just towards Haruyuki, but towards himself.
He left everything he obtained thanks to the acceleration, and we can really say that now he's a new person, free from his faults and his mistakes~

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