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Name: Taikoubou
Real name: Ryoubo
Voiced by:
Hiro Yuki

The protagonist of the series. He is a disciple at Konronsan and Genshitenson's best pupil. He received the Houshin project from Genshitenson, and became a strategist to defeat the collapsing Yin Dynasty and to help the Buou of the Shuu. Although he wears very strange clothes, he has the sharpest mind in Konron. Taikoubou was the son of the leader of the Kyou tribe, and was named Ryo Bou, but he lost his parents in a Yin human hunt. After twelve years on earth, he became a disciple, and with 30 years of study, attained Senin level power. Though, Taikoubou is still an average Senin with a low rank, he is the personal disciple of the leader of Konronsan, Genshitenson, so his position in the Senkai (spirit world) is high. At the beginning of the story, he receives an antenna-shaped Paopei called 'Dashinben.' (Later, because of the Orb of Revival, the Dashinben gets an upgrade, a larger shape and improved abilities.) Eventually, he gets the paopei 'Kyokouki' that can absorb Konronsan's energy for recovery, and the super paopei, 'Taikyokuzu,' that negates all other paopei's power and can heal injuries. Basically, his speciality is fighting by wits, and using cleverness to swindle his enemies, so that sometimes even his allies boo him. His constant companion, main ally, and mode of transportation is the spirit beast, Suupuushan. Taikoubou's real age is at least 72 years old, and contrary to his boyish appearance, love of peaches and sweet things, and dislike of shots and medicine, his speech and mannerisms are that of an old man. His personality is aloof, and he has a strong belief in a peaceful human world. Additionally, he is left-handed, but during the fight with Inkou (the older) he lost his left arm up to the elbow. Soon after, he received an artificial arm created by Taiitsu Shinjin. Although Taikoubou is often criticized by other characters for being very 'un-protagonist-like,' he was voted first in a Jump magazine character poll twice. From time to time, the author changes his drawing into a simple shape, with a circle and two points for a head and a stick figure like body. The last volume of the Kanzenban came with a limited edition plush toy of this form.