Age: 18
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Date of Birth: July 9
Blood Type: A
Height: 1.75 cm
Seiyuu: Fumiko Orikasa (Amy Kincaid in the English version)





☆ After a year, Shirley fell in love again with Lelouch. She's always the same shining character of always. She's still in the swimming club and a member of the Student Council.
She's determinated to fight for gaining Lelouch's love and she's always at his side, and tries to take advance for every chance she has. She's always closer to Milly, which whom she has a great friendship.
☆ As for the other members of the Ashford Academy, her memories had been manipulated and she remembers Rolo instead of Nunnally.


☆ When she becomes closer to Lelouch due to the Cupid's Day (an event made for Milly's graduation), she's fall of Jeremiah Gottwald's Geass Canceller which deletes the Geass casted on her by Lelouch. Shirley starts to be confused about what happened to her because she will remember about her father's death, Nunnally and above all, about Lelouch and the truth. In a first moment she wants to talk about it with Suzaku, but thinking about this situation, she realizes that Lelouch is fighting alone and she decides to do something that could help him. Unfortunately she talks about this with the wrong person: Rolo. When he heards the name Nunnally and understands Shirley's intentions, he kills Shirley, shooting her in the stomach.

☆ In the moment she's about dying, Lelouch finds her and she finally tells him her feelings, saying that even if she reborn, she will always fall in love with him. Lelouch's disperate attempt of order her to live is useless, and she dies smiling in his arms. This will be considered to the others eye as suicide, but Lelouch will fight (against both Rolo and the Geass Order) till the end to avenge her.

Personal thoughts...

Shirley is definitely one of the best characters of the whole series. I can really felt her emotions the most of the times, and her end made me cry a lot since I found it out in the previous week the episode had been broadcasted. In this moment too, nearly after a year, I can say that this marvelous character died just because of the plot, because she was not perfect, but was the person that could understand Lelouch's feelings and could give advices that no one other could give. In a single phrase, I love Shirley and I'm very proud to own her fanlisting and to dedicate her a shrine. ;__;

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