Age: 17
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Date of Birth: July 9
Blood Type: A
Height: 1.75 cm
Seiyuu: Fumiko Orikasa (Amy Kincaid in the English version)





Shirley is a nice girl, and always kind with everyone, even if sometimes she goes crazy. She's friendly and loves her friends. She attends the Ashford Academy, where she's a member of the swimming club, and is a proud member of the Student Council. She has a crush on Lelouch, but even though he's very kind with her, she discovers that he is Zero. In order to protect him, she shoots to Viletta, and due to the fact that his father has been killed by Zero, she's no more stabile. Because of Mao, she goes crazy and fight against Lelouch, because she didn't know how to go on. From that moment on, he deletes her memories and she forgot all about Lelouch himself. The main excuse that Lelouch says is that the two of them are playing to be stranger.
☆ After that moment, she will find a piece of paper written by her, where she said the true identity of Zero. Because of this, she will always try to talk with him, and even if she didn't menage to do it, she will always support him until the end of the season.

Personal thoughts...

I decided to do this fanlisting because Shirley is a really nice character, and my favourite one! I like her personality and I completely can understand her feelings! I love her behaviour, her happyness and her will to live, even if she's not that lucky the most of the times.

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