Name: Roll
Seiyuu: Joh Masako
Operator: Sakurai Mayl
Attacs: Heart Slash; Roll Arrow



Roll is Mayl's Net Navi and best friend. :)
In the first version of the game she's a nurse and has a different design, now she's prettiest!<3 In the nime version she fight in the Net Navis' Battles and lives a "normal" life in the free time. Roll is very spark and hilarious, she loves Rock with all her heart and is very jealous of him! When Rock fights she always cheer up for him and in many situation she embraces him! <3 All aspects of her personality are adorable, she's a very strong Net Navi not only about her power but about her heart, because when her friends are beside her, they become happy even if one moment ago they were sad.