This is Bond between Sisters, the TAFL-approved fanlisting dedicated to the relationship between Risa and Riku, the Harada twins from the manga/anime DN Angel.
I like very much both Risa and Riku, and obviously, their cute relationship! *-* They're pretty different even if they're twins, but their bond is something they can't ignore. They always worry for the other one when they're not together and feel the same feelings! >_< ♥

I have to thank Colleen from the bottom of my heart, because she granted a wish, letting me adopt this great fanlisting in November 2008! Thank you very much again and again!!! *hyper*





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June 01, 2011: I updated the fanlisting with all the pages that weren't still up!! ^o^ Much love to Risa and Riku!! ❤
November 27, 2008:
OMG Finally I menaged to end the part dedicated to the fanlisting!! *-* Thanks again to Colleen for letting me adopt this fanlisting!!


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