Hello! Welcome to "Doll Master", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Dokugamine Riruka , a new, adorable and lunatic character from the series BLEACH, created and illustrated by Tite Kubo!

Riruka is a member of the organization Xcution, and her fullbring is called "Doll House". As it lets us understand, she likes cute things and she uses them to fight. Her desire is searching for new cute things until the end of her life and to collect them... and dying submerged by them! XD

She's a tsundere and her personality isn't simple to understand, because she's very proud and chatterbox but there are moments in which she prefers to don't say a word, lost in her thoughts.

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Tsundere Pigtails Toyoguchi Megumi (Riruka's Voice Actress)

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