Hi! Welcome to "Hunger for Justice" , the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Okumura Rin , the forcible hero from the series Ao no Exorcist (better known as Blue Exorcist), created and illustrated by the awesome Kato Kazue!

Rin is a person full of contrasting feelings. His desire to be loved and accepted by people and friends is always thwarted by fear and prejudice, and the reason of this is his real nature of demon.
But Rin is not just a normal demon, he's the son of Satan, and because of this, he's always treated as a monster.
Certainly his monster's appearance could frighten people, but he's not an evil person, his heart is the purest one that a 15 years boy could have in this world.

So, Rin suffers a lot for this situation, and promises himself to defeat Satan, the cause of evilness and of his pain.
He always tries to do his best to become stronger, and day by day he becomes able to conquer his comrades' trust and admiration.

I adore Rin and I'm so honored and happy to own his fanlisting, thank you very much to TAFL for approving me!

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