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Hi! Welcome to "Ironical Rhapsody", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Miyamoto Rei , one of the heroines of the series Highschool of the Dead, created and illustrated by the great Sato Daisuke and Sato Shouji!

Rei is (together with Takashi) the first character we meet looking at the series. She's energic and cheerful, also kind and sweet, but her appearance could deceive us to understand her, because she's a strong and determinated person that is always ready to fight a real battle and to face a problem, whatever it could be.

She's captain of the Soujutsu school-club and she's very able with the spear, that she uses to fight in the first episodes of the series.
The most beautiful side of Rei is that she's natural, she smiles when she's happy and she's visibily envious when Saeko and Takashi are together, because Rei is in love with him.

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