You reached There's no Light without Darkness, the fanlisting dedicated to Suzugamori Ren, one of the main characters of the series Cardfight!! Vanguard.

    "Fantastic". This is the first word I recall saying while I saw Ren for the first time. He had the look of a totally evil character and so I started to be interested in him... testing that I was right. He's the personification of sadism, selfishness, madness and obsession. These are the thing I liked in the blink of an eye, especially for his personality that is quite twisted. The main cause of this is the fact that he has a particular power inside of him that makes him the "strongest" among all the other players, so he's sure to be always the best. And I agree with him, since he's the only reason why I watch this anime: everything depends on him! ❤  And I love his persuasive voice that everytime makes me fangasm! :Q__ I adored the end of his arc because he menaged to be saved from his sad destiny made only of revenge and insanity, and he finally could see a different world where he can think to find someone as his old friends he used to meet and to play with when he was an adorable child!  ❤

    Feel free to look around and don't hesitate to join the fanlisting, if you're a fan! *--*


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