L YRICS - Translation


I'm falling down into my shadow
Your breath is hidden
Wait for me deadly night
Don't scary
The presence of your smile among the flowering trees
Is reflected in your gaze
See you in your dreams Yeah baby
As for those nightmares
For your sake, Fairy Blue
I want to smash it
and display it for all to see
that Black Paper Moon
Because you gave me belief in myself
When your lost "here" I am...
"Forever" with your soul
When I glance upwards
you glisten like the moon

That sweet scarlet jam
in that ensnaring garden
raises it to the surface
Your destiny
The kind of world that you would desire
Grasp it with those hands
No evil deeds shall be done
Nobody will be scared again
Fairy Blue, you have given me the reason why I live on
A bond that is eternal
Because you sent for me
I will find you, my dear
No matter where you go
Now that you've grasped it tightly
Don't let that moment slip

Don't believe in anyone
Oppression and time always exist
So then your words will always be in my chest
Day after day

For your sake, Fairy Blue
I want to crush and display for all to see
That mark
Stop getting lost in those dreams
I want to escape with that moment
Fairy Blue, you have given me
the reason I live on
A bond which
I trust
You're not alone
When you "lost", here I am
"Forever" with your soul
I'll be struggling along with you
Trust me


From: cksoon11

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