Hi! Welcome to "It is in receiving Love that we learn to be Strong", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Inoue Orihime , a kind and brave girl from the series Bleach, created and illustrated by Kubo Tite!

Orihime is the reason why I started to read Bleach many years ago~

I found an image of her surfing the net, and look at it I thought that that smily girl was beautiful! So I read that the series she came from was Bleach, and searching for it, I found other images of Orihime. Thinking that she was too cute, I wanted to know her story! I downloaded the first three episodes but just the third one worked in my DVD-player. That was the moment of the begin to me, beacuse I watched that episode as the very first one, and Orihime's story touched me from the bottom of the heart!

I like Bleach, but my biggest reason is her. I think of her as like the sun, because she's sweet and very kind, shiny, a precious friend that can be happy just with a smile, just cooking strange food, or simply staying by the side of the ones she loves. I adore her sincere personality, because she put all herself in order to give comfort to the others in every sistuations, to embrace a sad and crying soul that needs peace.
Orihime is an adorable girl with the biggest and beautiful heart that someone can desire, and I also love her Shun Shun Rikka, they're very cute! A healing power is something that suits her very well, isn't it? Though the power to protect is something that comes from her heart, not from her hairpins~

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