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    You reached The Colour of Betrayal, the fanlisting dedicated to Nikaido Yamato, one of the characters of the mobile game, manga and novel IDOLiSH7!

    Yamato is my second favourite character of the series and the member of the group IDOLiSH7 that I prefer the most. His personality is strange, puzzling and deeply interesting. We still don't know many things about him and, overall, about his past. His character intrigues me a lot from the first time I saw him and not just because of glasses because of his frequent "It's a joke", "I'm kidding" and such. I rarely understand when it is a lie or not, but I REALLY WANT TO KNOW more. If I could describe Yamato with a simple word, it would be "twisted", he's really complicated to me, but I want to understand him. I thought a lot about his past and reasoned with the few elements we have, but still, I have to wait until the new story will be published. (T_T) Let's hope in something better in April, because after the last developments with Yuki I'm more and more interested. I was forgetting that I love a lot the fact that, though he has a poker face, he can really be an onii-san with the other members of the group and enjoys time with TRIGGER too (well, not completely with Tenn, but still...), especially with Gaku.

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