You reached So that your Light will know no Shadow, the fanlisting dedicated to the relationship between Oginome Ringo and Takakura Shouma, two characters of the series Mawaru Penguindrum.

   I like their relationship because it is not canonic at all! At first, I really couldn't believe in a love relation between the two of them. The fact that Shouma approached Ringo just because of her diary was only the begin of something more important. Since he has a very "brotherly" personality, he was always inclined to be protective with her from the very first time they meet each other. From her part, Ringo was only obsessed with herself and the thought to be in love with another person. This is a very particular relationship, because she was not really in love with that man, and getting along well with Shouma helped her to understand which was the point. The truth was that she liked a lot Shouma, but she couldn't admit it because she had fear of what could happen if her destiny wouldn't be fulfilled. I believe they're a deep couple because they had a lot of moments when they confronted with each other talking of their private life in spite of being almost totally strangers. Even if they couldn't understand at the begin, they trust each other! Especially Ringo, for her knowing a person like Shouma was almost a blessing, because she was always alone and had a very sad life. I think that they match each other because speaking of personality, they're the opposite of the other. I find them a very lively and adorable couple at times, especially when she hits him because she has to pour her heart. And he's always there for her in order to help when she needs a hand and when she's sad. I think that he really can be the real prince she was waiting for a long time!

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