Nanashi is one of the most mysterious characters of the series, whom we know just a bit, although in one battle he fights against Galian, a key-figure of his past.
The Boss of the region of Luberia, Nanashi leades the team of the thieves, that have sweared revenge against the Chess no Kouma, and he entered to the MÄR Group in order to fight against them and revenge the death of his allies, provoked by Peta's blood-suck ÄRM. His character is sociable and funny. Nanashi is a very hot tempered boy, who doesn't lose the occasion to appreciated the beautiful girls (girls are Nanashi's passion, also if he seems to have a real love-affair with Dorothy) and he joke, often off the contest. It doesn't seem, but Nanashi is a real kind and sensitive boy, who always worries for the others and he acts in the respect of his friendsand enemies.
He's very strong and brave; he never stops and he always follows his heart, in every circumstance. Beyond the big ability to use the ÄRMs, he has a big phisyc strenght, that allows him to defeat his enemy using also his hands. He can hide his magic force, and for this, sometimes he's understimated from his opponent, whom already understand how Nananshi is strong.
He hides his face under the wrap that covers his eyes, and a bandana, peculiar of the thieves, for this, he always seems to have a soft air, but he's very intelligent and careful. There are some moments when he reflected with big seriety and supports his friends.


This is just a theory (in the manga it isn't appured), but it seems that Nanashi is truly Joker, a character of the previous manga of Anzai-sensei, Recca no Honoo (Flame of Recca).
Joker was finished in a dark hole and he was badly injured, and we all thought that he was dead.
Nanashi awakened in MÄR Heaven, without memory and with a large wound. He was saved by Galian, who welcome him in his Thieves team, the one of Luberia. Galian gave to Nanashi his strongest ÄRMs, and before disappearing, he deleted Nanashi's memory. After Galian's disappear, Nanashi became the new Boss of Luberia.
In one battle in the War Game, Nanashi recovers his memory and beats Galian. Moreover, in the Last Battle he beats and kills Peta, completing his revenge.
After that he finds his memory, Nanashi turns back in Luberia with Galian and his team.

ÄRM: Electric Eye, Crystal Balls, Andata, Griffin Lance, Thousand needles



I dediced to create this fanlist because I really love Nanashi, he's my favourite male character of MÄR. I like all of him and I hope that all his fan, will enjoy themselves here! ^_^
I choose "Electric Eyes" as title, because Nanashi's eyes sometimes seem electric, and he use lighting ÄRM, very, very cool. The banner is realized using an image of The Battle Card Game, that I really like, because here Nanashi has a beautiful, smart smile! ^__^ I think that blue, light blue and yellow are the colours that better represent him and his power.