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Leader of the Kokuyo Gang and a mafia criminal. Before he was to be executed , he, along with his two subordinates, escaped from an Italian prison, which held some of the most dangerous mafia criminals. Not long after, they came to Japan, enrolled in Kokuyo Junior High, started a gang, and kidnapped Futa in order to obtain his list of the strongest students attending Namimori High. After obtaining the list, he ordered his subordinates to attack each one on the list, starting from the weakest and ending with the strongest student, Kyoya Hibari. Kyoya, himself, found Mukuro's hideout and easily beat Mukuro's underlings. Using Kyoya's weakness for Sakura blossoms, Mukuro was able to easily beat Kyoya.

During the fight with Tsuna, he revealed his plan of taking over Tsuna's body in order to take revenge on the Mafia, and eventually take over the world. After losing the battle to Tsuna and having his evil aura purified by Tsuna's flame, he and his friends were dragged away by the Vendicare. Later, when Tsuna and his friends went to Takeshi's baseball match, Reborn and Tsuna felt a presence. Reborn was the only one to figure out that the presence belonged to Mukuro, who had resided in a body of a child. Reborn told him that he can become his opponent anytime, to which Mukuro agreed to.

He later attempted a second breakout, and apparently sacrificed himself so that Chikusa and Ken could get away. After gaining Chrome's body, he made a bargain with the Vongolas to become one of the ring guardians in exchange for Ken and Chikusa's safety.

During the Future arc, he was presumed dead by Millefiore hitman Glo Xinia, who prided this when fighting against a displaced Chrome. However, the future Mukuro used this to his advantage, possessing Glo's owl and helping Chrome defeat him with the help of the illusionary versions of himself, Ken and Chikusa. He is later shown to be spying on the Millefiore Family with the use of his illusions.

Mukuro has followed the ways of the Six Paths of Reincarnation . This has granted him the power of remembering his past lives, which have all gone through the six paths to Hades , granting him six powerful skills (though his skills crumbled when it went against Tsuna's Hyper Dying Will). When using his skills, a type of aura, resembling the Dying Will Flame, surrounds his right eye. Although, unlike the Dying Will Flame, Mukuro's aura, in itself, poses no danger, as it just represents Mukuro's fighting spirit. Along with the aura, a number, corresponding to the realm he has entered, also appears in his right eye:

First: Realm of Hell - Power to create illusions .

Along with Chikusa and Ken, Mukuro belonged to the Estraneo Family. This family created the Possession Bullet , a bullet that was deemed forbidden by the rest of the Mafia.




Character outline

His attitude and abilities have gained the attention of Reborn, who sees him as a potential candidate for Tsuna's family. However, Kyoya likes nothing more than to kill those who are in his way.

Kyoya may be a violent and cruel person at times, but he is very proud of his school, and is apparently the only person who likes their school's song, even using it as his ringtone. He has also been shown to have an affinity for birds (Hibari can be translated into skylark , a type of bird.); he had trained Birds ' bird to chirp his school's song.

Introduction arc

Hibari is introduced when he is chosen by Reborn to be part of Tsuna's family. He proceds to beat Yanamoto, Tsuna, and Gokudera when they are using the lounge. Reborn steps in before he can sevearly beat Tsuna and begins their tangled relationship.

He leads the other class during the festival event of Pole knocking inorder to befeat Tsuna and learn more about Reborn. He also appears to help Tsuna by disposing of the body after Tsuna makes his first 'kill' and during the snowball fight.

Shortly after Tsuna is hospitalized during his training trip in the mountains he shares a room with Hibari, who was getting over a cold and brought order to the hospital; albeit with his own method of fear.

For a short time, Kyoya was infected with the Sakura-kura disease, which makes him weak when he is around sakuras , or cherry blossoms. Mukuro Rokudo used Kyoya's weakness for sakuras when he first appeared before Mukuro. Shamal, the person who infected him with the disease, later gave Hayato the cure to give to Kyoya.

Kokuyo Gang arc

Hibari starts looking for the gang after they have assulted many students form his school, including members of the disciplinary committe, in order to dispense his version of justice and restore his order.

During Kyoya and Mukuro's second fight, Kyoya supposedly defeats him, but subsequently passes out due to his injuries. Later, when Mukuro possesses Kyoya's body, Mukuro was not able to move the body due to multiple broken bones; Mukuro calls him a frightening enemy since Kyoya is able to fight him so well, despite his condition.

The Varia arc

Reborn later chooses him to become the holder of the Ring of Cloud . Dino was selected to be his home tutor, but Kyoya wanted nothing more than to fight Dino, who was surprised to realize that Kyoya was out to kill. After their bloody fight, Kyoya was convinced to become stronger, so he traveled and trained with Dino.

He returns during the Vongola Tournament arc and defeats Gola Mosca with one strike, much to the amazement of everyone in attendance. He then procedes to tose aside his ring and calls out XANXUS. XANXUS is all to pleased to comply and attacks Hibari, although he calls it only a slip and hew is mearly retreiving Gola Mosca, however Hibari sense'd something else. XANXUS insists on not fighting him as it wpuld be seen as mutiny against Tsuna who, with Hibari's win, was now officially the Vongola's incumbant tenth boss. Hibari is then struck down by the renegade body of Gola Mosca.

Future arc

In the Future arc, nine years and ten months later, Kyoya is revealed to be the strongest of the seven guardians of the Vongola Rings; his Dying Will Flame is so strong that it overloads and shatters the rings after its use, causing him to have to carry around multiple rings. Initially, it seemed that no one was capable of making contact with him, but he later appears to save Hayato and Takeshi from Gamma. During the battle, Kyoya's allegiance is mentioned to be a mystery to the Millefiore Family, who is unsure if he is an ally or an enemy of the Vongola Family.

After their reunion, he agrees to train Tsuna, which allows Tsuna to bring out his true inner strength. Once Kyoya helps Tsuna achieve the Vongola Ring Version of the X-Gloves, he states that Tsuna now thrills him the same way that Reborn does.

It is later revealed that Kyoya has previously been traveling around the world in search of information concerning the boxes, rings, and the "ultimate power". To achieve this, he started a Vongola unit called "The Foundation", which is compromised of former members of the Disciplinary Committee. Hibari also still has Hibird who became attached to Kyoya in the past. The bird become so much so attached that it still remains with Kyoya nine years and ten months into the future, where it is used as one of the family's backup modes of communication.


Hibari is a fierce and well trained fighter who has an almost insatiable bloodlust for a worthy opponent. As his main weapon e uses a pair of collapsible steel tonfa . Hibari's tonfas have also been shown to have hidden compartments containing spikes and a grapple that he uses when the situation call for it. In the Future arc, his tonfas, which he keeps in a ring box, are capable of emitting a Dying Will Flame.

Hibari is the Vongola guardian of the Cloud ring and has become adept at using it in the future. His flame has become so intense that even without his ring he is capable of great feats of strength. However he shatters normal rings when he uses them. Hibari has been shown to have more knowledge then most concerning the ring boxes and uses them at a very high proficiency.