What will happen if a boy like many others would find a notebook that belongs to a Shinigami? This is how the story begins. In fact, Yagami Light, finds this strange "Death Note" and meets with Ryuk, the Shinigami who owns it. Anyway, the name of the notebook is not meaningless: in fact, the person that writes there the name and the date of the death of a person of which he knows the face, will die.
    At the begin, Light seems to be a lot scared about this fact, but he will continue to kill criminals in this way, claiming himself "The God of a new World". This could be a very good thing for the world, but... not everyone thinks like this: in fact, not just the police, but a new organization will look for this person, trying to understand how he can decide to kill people even if there's distance between them. How will continue his story?



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