Name: Amane Misa
Age: 19 (26 when she dies)
Date of Birth: 25 December 1984
Job: Idol (actress, model)
Blood type: AB
Alias: Misa Misa
Seiyuu: Hirano Aya


    Her simpleness is surely the most real: in Death Note there are many characters that hide their real emotions, but she's natural and always says what she thinks. The most of the times she's very childish and whimsical, but that's a thing that marks her a lot, and that many people hate, but that I love. She's an idol and she's very appreciated from her fans, that call her Misa Misa - though sometimes she speaks of herself like that-. She's almost always dressed like a gothic lolita, this is her kind of style.
    Thanks to Rem, the Shinigami who owns her Death Note, he has the ability to see in the forehead of the people she look at, the date of their death. This simplify the way she can kill people, and in fact, when she will know Light, she will become his accomplice because of her particularity. She's kinda a fan of Light at the begin, because Kira was the one who killed the person that murdered her parents. Her feelings towards him are of passion, love and sometimes of obsession. Anyway, she will always remain herself, and won't change her childish personality for him, even if at times, he will be bothered from her.
    Despite everything, she's a very simple character, who just wants to have some attentions on her, especially from the person she loves - and she's very jealous of him XD-. Her love for Light will take her to a no through road: she will always help him even if what he does is wrong, she will even be captured and tortured. At the end, when she will find out about his death, she will commit suicide on the 14th february, because he was her reason of life.



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