You reached Dreamy Life, the fanlisting dedicated to Nakajima Megumi, a great singer and seiyuu! ^-^

I like her very much, since the first time I heard Ranka Lee (character of Macross Frontier voiced by her) singing. I like her freshness in all her performance and the tone of her voice is too cute to don't love it! :D I took the title of the fanlisting from one of her songs, Be Myself! :) I hope to listen always more and more about her, because up to now, I love all the songs she made! *_* I think she will never disappoint me! *-*♥

So, if you're a fan of her, please, consider to join the fanlisting!! *--*




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May'n Nakajima Megumi's LJ community


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The fanlisting is up! :D

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