I have to admit that this track is the basis of the reason I requested this fanlisting. I listen to it three or four times a day, and I always enjoy myself! XD Anyway, a Sound Episode is a drama CD that usually comes out once in a month (there are 6 cds for season) and this track comes from the first one of the second season and it's the third track, named "Utsukushiki Hangyaku no Kiroku".

In this track, we can know what they've done in the lass of time that divide the first season from the second one. Actually, they continue their work in the Kuro no Kishidan, but it seems that C.C., saying that orders are from Urabe, does what she like and uses missions for her own sake. When Kallen asks if it's like this, C.C. doesn't reply, so we know that at least, it is. XD

They talk very much about many things, even if, at the end, is always C.C. who tries to give hints and have a discussion with Kallen (that is always moked by her XD). She makes a lottery too, wth topics which they can talk about. And at the end, the discussion is on things they like to eat. For C.C. it is obviously pizza, but we find out that Kallen likes hamburgers since she was a child, because her mother used to cook them.

They're very amusing together, even Kallen always tries to moke C.C. when she can (especially when they talk about her body and pizza), and the final result is always the same: RAGE! XD

It's not just rolling on the floor, but they often talk about serious things, as for Lelouch and his destiny, and themselves.

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