This picture drama, TURN 0.923 is dedicated to the moment right before the attack that the Kuro no Kishidan made in order to get back Lelouch. C.C. and Kallen are in a room and talk about what will be their dinner (XD) and things like that. The turning point is when C.C. tells Kallen that she collects Lelouch's photos. The girls goes near her and starts to look at them with her. C.C. knows all about Lelouch, even things he does from when he was a child, or his manners, instead, Kallen tries to don't be jealous, because she doesn't know many things about him.


Their meeting point is not just Lelouch! XD I mean... they are very close and the fact that kidding they say "we are as two sisters" is very cute, I liked it very much, since me and my sister are very similar to them! *-* After the sound episode, I think that this is the prove of their friendship, jealousy for Lelouch or not!<3 And it's a pity that in the series it was not expanded.

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