You reached My Heart draws a Dream, the fanlisting dedicated to Shiina Mashiro, the main female character of the series Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo.

   At first I was kinda "WTF??" when I meet her for the first time, because she did a question that left me speechless. And after that I realized that Mashiro is really a singular character because of her extremely strange personality! She's pure like white, the colour she would like to be; this is because everything she did in her life was to paint. She's very skilled at it, and she's very famous because of her cleverness! She likes to draw manga too, but she's not very good at it because she can't develop very well a plot, though it doesn't demoralize her, and instead, gives her the power to become more determinated! *--* Since everything she had done was to paint, she doesn't even know how to dress herself... I found it very funny! XD Her serious and neat personality is really adorable! *.* And I like a lot the relationship she has with Sorata, they're adorable!! ❤

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