Hello! Welcome to "Reminiscence of the Crescent Moon", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Maka Albarn , the cute and badass heroine from the series Soul Eater, created and illustrated by the great Ohkubo Atsushi!

Maka is an adorable girl. She looks cold and strong, but her real self is very difficult to understand. Because she has a kind nature but a strong determination in battle, and even if she always care a lot of the others, she hides her real self behind a mask of coldness to not show her weak points.

She is a proud girl who think that men are not someone you can count on, but Soul gave her a very deep lesson about love and bonds between two persons. Maka appears very strong and that's true that she has great capacities, but her heart is broken because of her sad past and because of her father, and she'll never admit how difficult for her was living a life where she's alone with her sadness. But thank God she has a lot of friends that will never leave her alone. And that will always help her in every situations! Not only for battles, but especially for friendship. Because people that smile with you are the same that will always cry with you. So that's what saved Maka from the darkness of the deepest side of her soul. She's really a reliable and serious person that can cheer up someone with a smile, and everytime she smiles, she's so cute! I love her strong willpower and definitely there's no other character I love more than her, she's so precious!

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