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I give puppy's eyes at Galian,”Thanks, Galian! I'll appreciate you even more if you untie me, okay?”

He sighes. “I'm tying you because you can't sit still! I need to look at your face again. And stop giving me those eyes. It's not working anymore.”

I snap,”Don't you dare look at my face! Hey, wait!”

He already opens my mask, looking at it (my face, not the mask) carefully, analysing every detail. His hand under his chin, like a thinking detective.

“Will you please cut it out?” I growl at him.

He returns my mask to the right position, then untie me. “You're not…her…”

What? I grab his clothes, shaking him. “What do you mean, stupid?”

He groans. “You'll see in the meeting tonight.” Then releases himself from my grip.
I stand there, fazed. That bitch…! Now what does he mean about that?! I grumble to myself, returning to Gido's room. G isn't there, but Ian is. Where's that bitch's manners? Barging into a girl's room!

He's sitting on the bed, grinning at me. “Running away from your big enemies?”

“Shut your shittin' mouth up,” I say coldly.

“You're so mean,” he says, still grinning,”So…do you meet anyone again?”

“Oh, yeah. H&P, the Amazing Rapunzel and her idiotic brother, the earthen jar user, and Gorgon-girl. Great!”

“Okay, okay, let's just skip that topic, shall we?”

“What time is it now?” that's me.

“Just look at your watch, cutie.”

I kick him for calling me cutie. He groans and says some mega-bad words. Forget about him. My watch says that now is 2.00 p.m. Argh, why is it so boring here?

“Feeling bored, Keira-san?” It's Ian, after he's done with his ultra-painful broken leg.

“You have anything for me to do?”

“Yep, let's go to the garden!”

“I can't. Hat-lover and the tomato is there,” I say, frowning at him.

“I can't get who you are saying about, stop calling everyone with names!”

“Okay, it's Halloween and Peta.”

Ian looks at me like I'm some sort of alien from Mars. ( Do they know about Mars? XD) “You…make fun of them?!”

“Of course! Who do you think I am? The girly-girly type who went all ‘Aaaah! Help me! There's an insect!'?”

“Um…okay…so, still don't want to go to the garden?”

I think about that a little bit. Think, think, think. I'm striking a pose like a thinking Winnie the Pooh. Ian stares at me, yawning non-stop.

“Shut your mouth! I'm going with you. It's better to be chased by two weirdos than standing here like a statue.”

Ian gives his cat-smile. “Well then, let's go!”

He leads me to the front door ( I won't tell anyone about the secret hole). As the door opens up, he suddenly dashes to the garden with me trailing behind. He shouts,”Ready or not, Keira-san?! Let's go for a battle!”

He releases his Python Whip, and starts to attack me. I pull out my weapon ARM, and say,”Come on out, Countspears!”

A spear cuts Ian's Phyton Whip. “Whoa! It's cool, Keira-san, really! You even don't have to grip it! ( Countlespears floats in the air. The user just control it.) But what about his, huh?!”

Some kind of Python Whip ARM attacks my spear—and me… I shout,”Sorry, Ian! Need to cut all of that, too!”

My spear multiplies—and multiplies—and multiplies. Whoops! I overdone it! Heheh…
There's nearly 100 spears now, all cutting Ian's regenerating Octopus and scratching him.
“Hey, Keira! Ow! Stop this! Okay, I lose! Ouch! Will this thing stop bogging me?!”
I call my spears back. Ian sits on the ground, licking his scratches. He looks like a real meow. He glances at me, then grins,”Real cool, Keira-san! You beat me! Honestly, I can't see all of your spears! Too fast and too many!”

“Oh, yeah, that's me! So strong and clever! Hohohoh!” I laugh like Dorothy.

“Change my mind. You're so dull and dumb.”

I smack one of his scratches.

“Ouch! Oh, you devil! Look, it's bleeding now!”

“Deal with it yourself, puny boy! That's none of my business!”

He groans, but trails behind me. “Bog off!”

“Now, don't be such an evil devil, okay?”

“Devils are evil. And I'm a devil!” I say, laughing wickedly.

He just shakes his head. Suddenly we hear someone—no, two people chatting. We run to the source. Yikes! Phantom and Peta! Peta is smirking wickedly, and so is Phantom. Maybe they found a way to kill me horrendously?

Smirk-guy 1 ( Phantom) looks at me, and say,”Ah.”

Smirk-guy 2 ( Peta) laughes at me wickedly.

Isn't he afraid of women? Especially me and C&R! Is Phantom a psychiatrist who heals his boyfriend? Oh, such a tender care!

“Isn't Peta afraid of women?”

“Ah. He bumps his head and lost his personality. Don't worry, I've settle everything out,” Smirk-guy 1 says, smiling. How? Saying to Peta things like: ‘I love you Peta, please come back to your old personalities!' or ‘You know Peta, there's nothing to be afraid of women! They're just…etc.' or ‘Don't you remember how women's blood taste? Don't you want to drink it again?' or leap at Peta and bang his head again to heal him? Or…

Peta joins the conversation,”Who are you with? Oh, Ian.” My thoughts are scattered to pieces.

Ian peeks, then grins nervously at Smirk-guy 1&2.

Phantom ( I'm getting tired of calling them Smirk-guy) smiles again, then stares at Ian's wounds. “You two have been battling?”

“Well, yeah…” that's me.

“I can see that the pawn won,” Peta says, smirking again.

“Hahah…” Ian chuckles nervously, ready to run, leaving me behind.

“Yes, I won. So?” I challenge them, gripping Ian so he can't get away.

“I wanna see your powers,” Phantom smirks.

Oh no. Do I have to battle them? Urgh! I don't want my blood sucked and drunk by Peta! Oh, geez! “Look, there's no way I can win from you guys.”

“I don't want you to defeat me. I just wanna know about your ARMs,” The Immortal says.

“…And how good you control it,” Blood Sucker continues.

“Can I go?” Ian plead helplessly.

Phantom makes a ‘shoo' hand movement. So I release him, letting him rush to the door and wave bye bye to me. I'm gonna kill him after this.

“So, your name is..?” Vampire asks.

“None of your beeswax.”

Peta doesn't look pleased. “Well, you know me, don't you? I've been drinking—let's see…Ah, 100 people's blood. And you know what? What I like most is a girl's blood, and you're just my type!” He's ready to pull out his blood-sucking ARM.

“No, no, no! Wait! Okay, the name's Keira. 16 years old, a reporter who's spying the Chess no Koma.”

Whoops. I blow it all out.

They both smirk at each other. “Just as I thought. Although she's not…her.”

What?! There really is something fishy! I'm ready to leap at Phantom and bang him on the ground and I won't stop until he tells me every—

“Okay, show me your talents.”

I sigh. “Do I have to?”

“Do you want me to suck your blood?”

“Okay, okay! Here we go! Weapon ARM—“

“Don't use that skates. If you run away, you'll know what's your punishment,” Phantom glances at Peta.

“Right. Weapon ARM! Countlespears!”
And…as you know, a spear appears, then multiplies—and multiplies. Phantom looks fazed. So is Peta.

I retreat my spears. “Happy now?”

“Good,” Phantom says.

“Your powers are equal to…a Bishop,” Peta grins.

“Train more, then you'll be promoted to a Knight.”

“Wanna go training now? Ah, I forgot. There's a meeting tonight.”

“It's an important meeting. Especially for you, Keira.”

I groan, then leave the stupid couple alone. I hide beside the building, and hear them saying,”She's not the girl we've been looking for, but maybe she can be useful too…”

What's this all about?! I stomp to the hole and go right to Gido's room. G&I are there.

“Keira-san!” that's G.

“You okay?”~Ian

“Better than ever, you cowardly brat! That's two times you get me into trouble, remember that! Two times!”

Ian gives his cat-smile. “Sorry, cutie.”

I punch his stomach, then kicks one of his scratches. He rolls on the bed, groaning and whining.

“You met with Phantom and Peta?!”

“They don't harm you, right?”

“Nope, just testing my powers. And talking about super idiot things such as ‘the girl we've been looking for' and ‘you're not her'…”

“Maybe it's connected to tonight's meeting.”

Ian's still groaning and ouching and owing like a baby.

I glance at my watch. 3 p.m. Mmmm….What should I do now?

“Gido, where's the other members at this time?”

“It's free time. Everyone wanders on their own.”

“Well then, I suppose I'll take a walk—again.” I sigh.

“What if anyone finds you and starts…?”

“No problem, I can sort it out, easy-peasy.”

And there you go! I wander in the corridors, not knowing where to go. Then I meet someone! The one who once saves me from The Mad Lightning Guy. Weasel-sama! I run to him, smiling from ear to ear.

He looks at me, and says,”Now, are you that pawn? All that tantrum in the dining room! Tsk, tsk! I can't really blame you, though. The Knights did it too.” He shakes his head, maybe the figures of Wonder Woman 1&2 trampling and banging and shouting and laughing and destroying and going ‘kaboom!” slithers in his brain like snakes.

“Well, so what's up now? Galian's chasing you again?”

“No, Weasel-sama! I'm just taking a walk!”

“Well, good thing then.”

“Do you have any food? I'm starving.”

He sighes. “Come with me then.”

So I follow him. He's the most friendly of all the knights, I must admit, well, maybe besides Rolan. He leads me to his room. Uh oh. What now? Kill me in his room? Or ask me to plant some vegetables? Be his gardener? No way!

His room is filled with trees. Most of them have…fruits! Sweet juicy little fruits dangling on the branches! My mouth is watering, and the sweet, kind, old man says,”Help yourself.”

I jump to the branches, pick the ripe, tiny fruits, and eat them all, in one gulp. “Wanna some, Weasel-sama?”

“No thanks. I've eaten them earlier. And make sure not to eat them all, okay?”

“Right. You have my word.”

So I spend the rest of the afternoon lazing between trees, then help the Green-Hand Man waters his plants as he's been ultra-sweet and kind to me.

Time pass. It's 6 p.m already! 3 hours in Weasel's room! He doesn't seem annoyed, though. “Dinner time, pawn.”

“Don't call me pawn.”

“So what should I call you?”


“Right, Keira, let's go to the dining room now.”

Off we go! Food are served again, new and clean. I wonder how they manage to get such an abundance of food. They must have robbed a food factory.( is there one in MAR Heaven? XD)

I sit beside Gido again. The old man steps his way to the Knights' table. Rapunzel is boiling with anger. Two tissues are plugging her bleeding nose. “Where's that pawn?!”

There's a silence, a real silence made by the most noisiest of the noisiest crowd. ( I don't check the grammars. Just want to express how noisy they are) She glares at the pawn's table. I put my hood to hide my head—and my hair. She turns to Candice and Galian. “You two! Do you meet with her?! Do you kill her?!” Her voice starts to get more and more higher, making all of us deaf. Phantom and Peta and Queen hasn't arrived yet.

Galian shrugges helplessly. He looks like a little boy with an ugly stepmother who's scolding and screaming at his poor ear. Candice stands up, not wanting to be defeated. “And if we met with her, so what?!”

“You let her get away?!”

“I want to kill her too! But…”

“But what?!”

Candice starts to sparkle. “Phantom wants the girl! And…and…if I don't kill her, then Phantom will praise me!” She glances at Galian. He just shrugges, all part of him seems to become smaller and smaller—his shoulders are commanded to do the same thing the whole time. He's smart to think of Phantom so Candice won't chop me.

Flame starts to rage inside Rapunzel. All the eyes are set on the ugly hag, the sparkly woman, and the little boy who sits between them.( Poor Galian!)

Galian starts to fidget. He gives some body language to Chimera, something like ‘Please exchange seats with me.' Cool-skull-woman stands up, nearly at the same time with the relieved Galian. But Rapunzel spoils all of it. She pulls his collar. “You are not getting away, until you shows me where's the pawn!”

“How can I know?” he mumbles bitterly.

Candice barges in between them. Rapunzel finally let go of his collar. Lightning-guy dashes to Chimera's seat, looking extremely relieved. Now C starts shouting,”I will not let you kill her, Rapunzel! Phantom will hate me forever if I let you do that!”

“And is that my business, you rotten ugly flirtatious slut!”

“What do you say, you narcissism ugly beast?!”

They keep on and on calling each other with super-ultra-mega bad names. Now every knight is fidgeting. Chimera just sits between them, looking very calm, although I can tell that she really wants to stand up and smack both cheeks of the childish knights, then drag them by ears to their room, so we can all have a normal dinner.

But then something terrible happens. Rapunzel takes a plate with some yucky vegetables, then splat it to Candice's face. She laughes ironically, while Candice sweep all the vegetables, then takes one bowl of soup, and splat it at Rapunzel's face. Every time the food meet with their faces, all the crowd shouts,”Ooooh!” even the knights. Not Chimera, though. She's covered with specks of soup and vegetables. I know she can't take it again.

She stands up suddenly, nearly bumping into C&R's chins, takes two plates and splat it—to two faces at the same time. Rapunzel wobbles. She angrily takes one plate again, and throw it at Chimera. Unfortunately, The two Cs dodge, and Ash is the victim. Splat. Food covers all his face. Chimera sits down, acting like nothing happened. But C&R won't give up. Rapunzel is still wobbling, and C takes this opportunity. Splat. R's eyes are covered. She can't see, but manages to take a plate, then throws it in the wrong way.

Splat. Galian's face is the victim. He doesn't manage to get rid of the food. He just sits there, fazed. Rolan tries to rub him, but he's the next victim. Splat. You know who's the culprit.

MR and his gang are the next next next victim.( next for each person) Rapunzel goes like “I'll kill you, sow!” then splat. Another victim that isn't Candice. C laughes a lot, not even trying to stop Rapunzel.

One of the bishops starts to enjoy it. He takes a plate, and then…splat. Another victim. That victim takes one again, then splat. Another. And another and another. Until Ian's face get the food too. He whines, but then grins wickedly at me. Splat. Next wictim: Me.
I growl and throw a plate of food at him. He dodges, and it splat on a guy I don't even know.

He shouts, then throw me some food. His accuracy at throwing is very, very bad. It hits Gido instead of me. She squeals, but don't take any act of revenge. I do it for her, throwing this way and that way. Many members start to throw at the pawn's table, so all the pawns ( including me) stand up and do a Food War. All of the members do it. Splat. Split. Slish! Plish!

The poor one is Halloween. He just gets thrown and thrown with food, can't get revenge even if he wants to. No hands, such a poor guy. Splat. Food on his face. “Why you! I'll burn you un—“ Splat. “How dare you—“ Splat. Splat Splat Splat. Until he hides under the table, grumbling and moaning. Even Galian starts to throw food. He can't manage it anymore. Even Rolan too. And Chimera. And all the other cool and calm guys.

Rolan suddenly trips on a banana's skin. “Eeek!” And the skin jumps into the air, right into Halloween's poor face—mask. He says really rude words, and hides his head by crumpling his body into a ball like cat.

The door creaks. Phantom and his gang come in. The Chess don't notice at all, as they are concentrating on a Food War.

Peta: ”What the…?!” Splat.

Phantom: ”Ah.” Splat.

Queen: “…” Splat.

Peta rubs his face vigorously, then runs to Halloween to join him. They look like two cats hiding under a table, right in the middle of a vicious Food War.

Phantom rubs his own face, looking irritated as Peta has left him. He walks steadily to the front of the dining room, where a podium is located. Split. Splat. Plish. He doesn't seem to mind getting thrown with food.

The Queen does mind, though. She looks at Peta and Halloween jealously. Maybe she wants to hide under a table too. But you know…Dignity as a queen… So she just stand s there, looking at Phantom, rubbing here and there with a Queen's elegant move.

Phantom reaches the podium successfully. He clears his throat. “Now, shall we stop playing with fo—“ Splat. “I have my limits, now. Stop th—“ Splat. “Peta, would you mind stopping those two creatures th—“ Splat. Peta does mind stopping the two creatures ( C&R), as they are screaming and pulling at each other's hair and throwing food at each other. He just curls up under the table, not bothering any of Phantom's commands.

Phantom sighes. Then I feel this really strong aura from him. What's he going to do? Blow up all of us? Shout in an ultrasonic volume? Neither of these are correct. He traps us all in a mirror. Each one of us in one mirror. Rapunzel and Candice has to share one mirror, though, they can't be separated, even with a huge bomb. The only ones who are free are Queen, Peta ( which is very unfair because he has betrayed him), Halloween and himself. “Now. I really don't want to kill anyone of you. So please settle down and enjoy the rest of our food before the meeting, okay?”

We all nod simultaneously. He smiles, and let go of us. I breath out with relief. So we all sit down like good little kiddies and nibble on every food that can be found. On our faces, on our clothes, on the floor, on the wall, on friend's face. Yuck.

Phantom and the Queen themselves don't eat the splattered and spilled food. They go outside and then come back with a tray of fresh food. Oh, yeah, really mouth-watering. All of us look at them with hopes, but they don't mind, just keep on eating and talking. Peta looks here and there desperately in search of something. He stares at Ian's bleeding wounds, and plead,”Can I please have a lick of your blood? Please? My blood supply is destroyed because of today's tragedy. Please, please, please?”

Ian shrugges, but gives an ‘okay' reaction. Peta happily stick his finger to the blood and lick it. He frowns,”Not really good taste. You should eat more beet roots.” Then wanders to his seat. Ian mumbles, “And what does beet roots do to your blood's taste, stupid blood-aholic…” Poor Ian! Must be really shocked that his blood is not good-tasted according to Dr. Peta!

After P&Q finish their royal dining, P steps to the podium. “Let's start the meeting, okay? Seems like there's a new topic added.” His eyes wander around the room, staring at every dirty and food-smelled person.

“Let's go to the hall.”

Gido holds my hand, as if I'm a 6-year-old girl who will cry in such situation. She's ever so kind to me, so I just grips her hand back, squeezing it.

“I hope everything goes well to you, Keira-san…” she whispers to me.

I forget about the meeting. So that's why she holds my hand. I look at C&R&G. Dynamic Duo Dragons are still glaring at each other, with a G trailing behind them. He looks like a wimp. Phantom pats his back, and whispers something. He shrugges, then joins Ash and Rolan.

Finally. The hall. Such a boring journey to that room, walking in that crowd, getting suffocated because the only oxygen around is drained by the huge guys, Orco, for example.

Phantom sits in his chair. Peta runs here and there, getting a chair for the Queen. He's like a private servant to Phantom and his pretend-bride. We're stuck here, standing in the middle of a crowd, suffocating. Phantom stands up and gives his wonderful melting-Candice smile,”Galian, Candice, Rapunzel, please step forward.” He seems to forget about me. “Ah. And Keira.” Damn it.

Gido releases my hand, whispering good luck. I give her two thumbs up, then run to join the three Knights. Galian is standing like a real warrior now, not even sighing or moaning. The one who sigh and moan and shake is Candice. She must be really afraid that Phantom is furious with her. Rapunzel stands with anger, dragon's breath coming out from her nostrils.

“So, we already know about today's…disaster.” Wow, disaster.

“Anyone can tell me who starts on throwing food?”

All of us, except Candice, look at Rapunzel. She doesn't really notice, though. Phantom raises an eyebrow. “Candice, can you explain to me how it happens?”

C suddenly steps forward, then says with an I'm-sorry tone,”Phantom-san, Rapunzel suddenly screams at dinner time, and…and she tries to make Galian tells her where the pawn is. She wants to kill her! I've heard that you want the pawn to stay with us, so..so I try to stop her, but then she throws food at me, so I have to throw back, right?”

Galian groans. He must have really wants to add,”They scream at each other, Phantom. The two of them are like demons.” But instead of it, he just groans, such a plain groan.

Phantom smiles. “Well, I think there must be something that makes Rapunzel angry.”

Rapunzel snorts. “Oh, yes, there is, Phantom! She makes me trip! Look at my nose!” Phantom is mad if he wants to look or check her nose like an intelligent doctor.

“Okay. So… I think it's you who starts all the problem?” He stares at me. Unfair. They're the ones who start picking on me. There's no way out except fight them, right?

I look back at him. “They're the ones who start it first, nagging at me and picking on me. Why should I be the one who's wrong?”

“Okay, enough then. I'll forgive all of you. There's something I have to settle first, right, Galian? (adds a heart)”

Galian twitches. “Yeah…” he mutters, barely looking back at Phantom. What is he going to settle? Phantom leads him outside the hall. He nudges me, signing that I have to follow him too. I narrow my eyes at him. “No way!” I mumble.



“Yes you have to.”


He tries to pull me, but I stand there, like a living corpse who cannot move. Phantom sees us. He nods at Peta. Stab. Ouch!!! That shittin' blood sucking ARM has stabbed me!

I scurry briskly behind Phantom, even leaving Galian behind. Phantom smiles, then Peta pulls his ARM back. That demon couple!!!

Outside, P smiles to me. Yucky-yucky smile. Urgh. Can he smile happily and normally?

“Well, Keira, you must have known that Galian and me are looking for a girl, right?”

“Yes, and I'm not that damn bullshit girl.”

“You are not, but eventually…” He glances at Galian. “Do you remember him?”

“Neither of his clothes, face, his asshole hiraiken, or his blood-stained headband.”

“Language. Or I really have to ask Peta to stand beside you.”

“Okay, okay! I don't remember, but I still feel familiar with him.”

He turns to Galian, not smiling anymore. “She's still the same when you bring her to meet me, Galian.”

“What?! How can I meet him?! You, Mad Lightning-Guy! Tell me!” I shout, shaking poor G.

“Stop it! You're giving me a personal earthquake! This ARM will help you remember. You're still an absent-minded dumbass, Keira.”

What?! Wait! He has used a Holy ARM on me. Every single memory slithers in my brain. I see it. I remember. I'm in the Luberia Thieves Guild. I see Nanashi. He's still a newbie. I see Galian. He's training me to fight and rob people. I see another girl, but I don't really know who she is. I see Galian again. I'm following him to Phantom's grave. I see Phantom, smiling to me. I see myself running to the edge of the castle, using Andata to run away. Yes, I see it all.

“Hey. Remember now?”

I snap out of it. “Yes…” I mumble.

Phantom looks at me in the eyes,”So…do you see a girl with white hair?”


He smirks at Galian,”Could be her.”

They don't tell me about ‘her'. I hate secrets. But eventually, Phantom smiles at me, and gives me…a Bishop earring! “Wow!” I gasp with excitement.

“You'll be promoted to Knight class if you train more. And there's no way you refuse to be a Chess. This is my personal offering.”

“I'd love to!” I chirp.

Galian stares at me in an odd way. “Better change the mask, and the ARMs. For goodness' sake, why do you use so many elements?”

I pull a face at him. “You taught me how to rob people. I rob these from ARM users. And it's better than you who only use lightning! Boring!”

“Oh, really? You can actually rob ARMs from ARM users?”

I come up with an idea. A really brilliant idea. “Yes, I can. And I can rob a headband from a maniac lightning-user!!” I jump and take his bloody headband, then run with wicked laughter.

“What the…?! Hey, give me back my headband!”

“Get it back yourself, you headband-lover! Better give those eyes some fresh air!”

He chases me, round and round the castle. He's a more interesting runner than Halloween.

Peta comes out, and joins Phantom. He looks surprised. Phantom smiles at him,”Wanna have tea, Peta?”Peta turns at him,”As long as you give me blood instead of boring old tea.”

Hahah! Now I'm a Bishop in the Chess no Koma. I like chatting to Gido. I like having battles with the other members. I like lazing between Weasel's trees. I like to help the old man waters his plants. I like stealing Galian's headband ( the previous day, he finally succeeded to grab it back, but after 30 minutes chasing me!). I like teasing Rapunzel until she boils with rage and tries to slice me with her ice, but then Candice will stop her and they both get into an ultra-big-fight-tragedy.

As I said before, the Chess no Koma aren't so bad at all!


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Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Sasagawa Kyoko & Miura Haru
Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Sasagawa Kyoko & Sawada Tsunayoshi
Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Sawada Tsunayoshi & Rokudo Mukuro
Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - Rokudo Mukuro & Hibari Kyoya
Bleach - Lilinette
Bleach - Hirako Shinji & Sarugaki Hiyori
Bishoujou Senshi Sailor Moon: Chibiusa, Mamoru & Usagi
Neo Angelique Abyss - Rayne
Neo Angelique Abyss - Angelique
DN Angel: Harada Riku & Risa
Hayate no Gotoku - Sanzen'In Nagi
Hayate no Gotoku - Katsura Hinagiku
Gintama: Okita Sougo & Yato Kagura
Shinshi Doumei Cross (The Gentlemen's Alliance) - Otomiya Kusame
Shinshi Doumei Cross (The Gentlemen's Alliance) - Kamiya Komaki & Otomiya Kusame
Shinshi Doumei Cross (The Gentlemen's Alliance) - Maora / Ichinomiya Yoshitaka / Yuubinya-san & Tsujimiya Maguri
Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro - Nougami Neuro
Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro - Higuchi Yuya
Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro - Nougami Neuro & Katsuragi Yako
Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED/Destiny: Miriallia Haww Naruto: TenTen
Naruto - Namikaze Minato (4th Hokage), Uzumaki Kushina & Uzumaki Naruto
Nabari no Ou - Shimizu Raimei
NANA: Komatsu Nana & Okazaki Shinichi
NANA 1st Ending: a little pain
Pandora Hearts - Alice
Pandora Hearts - Oz Bezalius
Pandora Hearts - Raven
Kekkaishi - Sumimura Yoshimori
Rental Magica - Iba Itsuki
D.Gray-man - Lavi & Linalee Lee
Samurai Deeper Kyo - Shiina Yuya
Samurai Deeper Kyo - Tokito
Houshin Engi - Taikobo
Air Gear - Wanijima Agito/Akito & Sumeragi Kururu
Air Gear - Adachi Emily
Macross Frontier - Ranka Lee & Saotome Alto
Erementar Gerad - Reverie Metherlence (Ren)
Rockman.EXE (Megaman NT Warrior) - Roll.EXE
Spice & Wolf - Holo
Psyren - Amamiya Sakurako
Double Arts - Kiri Luchile
Belmonde Le VisiteuR - Belmonde Shien
Chaos;Head: Sakihata Rimi Chaos;Head: Nishijou Nanami
Higashi no Eden: Morimi Saki & Takizawa Akira
CLANNAD: Sakagami Tomoyo CLANNAD: Furukawa Nagisa & Okazaki Tomoya
Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan: Hijikata Toushizo
Hakushaku to Yousei: Lydia Carlton Liar Game: Akiyama Shinichi
Meitantei Conan: Mouri Ran
Meru Puri (Marchen Prince): Hezekiel Lei Ripli Monochrome Factor: Nikaido Akira
Ruroni Kenshin: Makimachi Misao & Shinomori Aoshi
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle/xxxHolic: Ichihara Yuko & Sakura Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 1st Opening:  BLAZE
Shinkyoku Sokai Polyphonica: Corticarte Apa Lagranges

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