You reached A Thief and a Princess, the fanlisting dedicated to the relationship between Luca and Noel the main character of the series Okyu no Trinity (Trinity of the Royal Palace)!

    I need to be blunt: I started to read the manga because this beautiful art drew my attention. ❤ I think I fell in love with the theme of the series at once~ The setting, the scenery and everything else is romantic and kind of old fashioned. And then, there's an adorable couple: Luca and Noel. ❤ They have a pretty nice and funny story. They are childhood friends even if Luca was sure to have a male one. I want to talk to them in the "About" section, so please, visit it once it will be up! ☆ Their relationship is the one I feel that I love you but I'm too shy to admit it even to myself. Day by day they're starting to understand how they feel, but will they manage to be a real couple? I chose this title because even if they are like two worlds apart it doesn't really matter. Both Luca and Noel are shy but determined, therefore, I really wish them the best! ❤

    Feel free to look around and don't hesitate to join the fanlisting, if you're a fan!


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