Hello! Welcome to "Connecting Everyone", the TFL and the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Imai Lisa , the cheerful and beautiful bassist of the band Roselia from the series BanG Dream!, created and developed by the companies Bushiroad and Craft Egg !

Lisa is a beautiful person.

She loves and cares of the others with all her heart and she is like an onee-san for all the ones she knows. She has a golden heart and she always tries her best to support and help who needs a hand. She is also a fashioned girl with a very nice taste in clothes, but she is afraid to show the others so many sides of her that don't suit the image of a gal, so the fact that she likes amigurumi and she knits are kept as a secret from everyone.

I think that Lisa is a very beautiful person inside and outside. Considering her not a treasure looks impossible to me!

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