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Hello! Welcome to "One Step Forward", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Haiba Lev , a character from the series Haikyu!!, created and illustrated by the great Furudate Haruichi !

Lev is adorable~
I started to read Haikyu! manga after watching some episodes of the anime, and I loved him at once! He's a hot-headed boy who started to play volleyball only at the high school, so he sucks~ But he's doing his best to become Nekoma's ace and to face the most powerful players of the country! How adorable he is?

He's noisy and always full of energy; he also has a rough way to speak and because of this his senpai are always about insulting him! XD He says what he thinks without thinking, and this is another adorable side of him~ Lev is sincere and determinated, the kind of person that surely will get the position he's working hard to reach: the one of the ace!

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