You reached Shiawase no Kaori, the fanlisting dedicated to Last Order, the cutest among all the charaters of the series To Aru Majutsu no Index. ❤

    After some days I tried to make a decent layout, here I am! *--* I'm so happy that I could dedicate to Last Order a fanlisting! ❤ After seeing her, it is impossible for a person to be emotionless! ❤_❤ She's really delicious and adorable, I'd love to cuddle her for all the day! She's a very positive character, and everytime I hear her cute voice, I'm happy! *--*

    If you are a fan of her, please, don't hesitate to join! *--*



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August 05, 2011: Everything but the profile is up now! *w*
August 04, 2011:
In some ways... the main page is kinda up! XD


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