Hello! Welcome to "You've never left", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Judeau , a strong-hearted and brave character from the series Berserk, created and illustrated by the genial Miura Kentaro!

Judeau is one of my favorite characters of all times and God only Knows how much I love him... everything started when I was an high-schooler.

He is the most brave, strong and kind person I've ever met in a manga, and also the most altruist... He has an heart of gold, and his self-confidence always made him choose the best thing for everyone, not just for himself. I think he never thought about himself... because his desires was be happy with his friends, and also seeing them happy. As for Guts and Caska... the girl he was in love with, but that never got to know about Judeau's feelings for her.

He is a beautiful person, really a beautiful boy that I consider like an angel. Because he though... only for live. And to make the world a better place, without evilness, with freedom.

His death always makes me sad, but... his existence makes me happy, and thinking about his words is what makes me strong many times... I love him. I love him so much that the characters of the series are not the only ones that will never forget him... he's always in my heart and he'll always be, this is the reason why I chose this title for his fanlisting!

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