Hello! Welcome to "Prevention is Better than Cure", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Higashikata Josuke , hero of Diamond is Unbreakable, the 4th part of the series Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken (Jojo's Bizarre Adventures), created by the brilliant Araki Hirohiko!

Diamond is Unbreakable is the first Jojo related series I've ever read, and it's still my favorite one!

Josuke is my favorite character not only from Part IV but from every series of Jojo, because he's the most special for me~
Usually he's a quiet and polite guy, but when someone insults his hairstyle he becomes a demon. In fact, he's the kind of person that likes speninding his time playing games and sraying with friends, but when someone is in trouble, he's the first one ready to leave everything to help.

His stand is called Crazy Diamond and it's a healing type.
But Crazy Diamond abilities are not just the ones to heal, because it can recover the original form of objects or people, exactly as Josuke remembers (so the result is not guaranteed, ahahahah!)~
Unluckily, it can resume people from death, and this is an aspet of Crazy Diamond that Josuke will find after his first meeting with Jotaro, and because of the death of his grandfather.

Josuke is a person full of good feelings and an optimistic tendence, but he hides a dark side in himself, that it's shown when he loses self-control.

I decided to call this fanlisting "Prevention is better than Cure" because Josuke always warns his enemies that the may be better to think before acting, because since his Crazy Diamond takes back things as he remembers he can't help if he beats up them so badly that even healing them, they'll always appear like monsters~

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