You reached Glowing Soul, the fanlisting dedicated to Jonouchi Katsuya (or Joey Wheeler, duh), one of the main charaters of the series Yu-Gi-Oh!.

    Whaaaaaaaa!!! Finally, after a series of rejections, I was approved for this fanlisting, I really longed for! ❤_❤ Jono is one of my favourite characters ever since a lot of time, I'm so happy that I can finally dedicate him a fanlisting!! ❤ Even if I think that he deserves more... but my inspiration is... I don't know where it is in this moment! ;_; But, anyway, I promise he's in good hands! ❤

    If you are a fan of him, please, don't hesitate to join! *-*



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Kawai Shizuka Jonouchi Katsuya & Kujaku Mai Kawai Shizuka & Katsuya Jonouchi


April 02, 2011: Finally I finished the codes section! :D
March 31, 2011:
The fanlisting is up~




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