Hello! Welcome to "Between the lines", the TAFL approved fanlisting dedicated to Jikukawa Souji , an awesome character from the series Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle (Phi Brain: Puzzle of God) created and animated by Sunrise !

Jikukawa-senpai is the one that more than any others strucked me from this series. Since the first episode is clear that he's not the smiling and kind person that he shows to the others, there are a lot of things that he hides behind his mask of gentleman.
He's the president of the Student Council and also, of the Puzzle Club, and he's awesome with enigmas and puzzles, too much more a normal person.
Thanks to his ability to let the others think waht he wants, he's able to manipulate Kaito and his friends, even the corpe student, that thinks about him like someone that loves puzzle but doesn't have any will to work or play~

His (secret, obviously) title is Newton and his double idenity as P.O.G. is Minotaur. He has a dream that he wants to realize, whatever it could take~ So, surely he reserves a lot of things that I can't wait to know!!

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